Another shoot with Pheonix Red - NSFW

I've not had what you would call a muse before.  I've completed maybe 350 odd shoots, and they have mostly been with different models.  However, Pheonix lives very close to me and we share very similar tastes in what we like to shoot, so it may be that these shoots become a regular thing, I hope so, as the first two have been great.  We headed out to my favourite woodland area near Ufton Nervet in Berkshire to shoot some fairly random ideas.  I wanted to test out the HSS on my Godox AD200, but other than that had no real plan.  I bought some LED lights to create some fun bokeh effects as well and was shooting with the GFX 50s and 32-64 and 120 F4, which is kind of all I need these days for model shoots.


This is a nice enough image and I love the outfit, but its basically the first set, and the first set is where you get warmed up and get all the gear working.  I'd like to reshoot this outfit with Pheonix on another shoot as I think we could get more out of it.

This is where we start to hit our stride and I truly love this image.  We started using the band of little LED lights on Pheonix, but that didn't really work so I hung them on a branch and shot through them.  I used the AD200 to even out the light on Red's face.  Didn't need to use HSS as I was at f4 and it was a dull day.

As soon as I saw this large patch of purple heather I knew we had to shoot with it.  We tried first with some purple cloth but that didn't work quite as well.  Some more transparent purple material might have done the job.  As it was, we defaulted to art nude and I'm really happy with this shot. I used the 120mm f4 and had the AD200 firing through an umbrella off to the left of the model ( my left ).  I love all the colour and texture in this image.

This is my favourite shot of the day and also the last set we did.  For most of the shots we hung the red material from a branch across from the model.  It looked great in camera but not so great when I looked on the laptop at the images.  For one of the shots the material came off the branch and floated down just like in the image.  So I composited two images together and this is the end result, which I truly love.  The light was the AD200 off to the side aimed at the models face through an umbrella.  The shot took about 10 minutes in total to get, shot with the 32-64 lens on the GFX.