Statues Shoot with Phoenix Red - NSFW

I'd been meaning to shoot with Phoenix for ages.  I love creative models who bring more to a shoot than just themselves and Phoenix definitely ticks all the boxes.  She is also a lovely person to get along with, as a I knew from meeting her a few times at the Reading Photography Social.  It's quite important to me when doing a test shoot that I get along well with the model as it just makes the day more fun.  Anyway, my friend Cornerstone ( that's his photographer secret identity ) had found a very interesting location north of Reading.  It was a field, and up the hill in the field were these large statues ( around 12ft tall I'd say ) and a ruined shack.  He was kind enough to take me out there to take a look and I knew I had to do a shoot there.  I took some location shots and showed Pheonix and she brought along some interesting headgear and a red dress to match the yellow field.  Here are the images...



The photography was relatively simple.  I did take some lights, but it was very harsh light and my normal godox 360 had broken ( since fixed ), so I was down to one speedlight.  I did use it a bit but mostly just used the natural light.  This meant waiting sometimes  for the clouds to give us a bit of cover, or just using the angles to make sure the light hitting Phoenix didn't create unflattering shadows.  I was also conscious that the statues had a meaning and didn't want to treat them without respect so we tried hard to provide a context to the images.  The smoke bombs added some drama and using them was a first for me ( I know, I'm very late to the party ).

Gear used was a Fuji GFX50S, the 120 and 32-64 lenses.  I have to say the colour and dynamic range from this camera is unbelievable and it was a pleasure to use on this shoot.